Amy Ruth Trussell 1959-2021

Amy passed away on June 3, 2021. Amy was born on June 15th, 1959, in Amherst, Massachusetts, to William and Ruth Trussell. The family soon moved to Topeka, where she grew up. Amy discovered a love of writing in high school and participated in track and school plays. After graduating, she followed her older brother Clarke out to San Francisco and enrolled at SFSU in the creative writing department.

In her first semester there, she met her future husband Patrick Hatten, also an English major, and in 1978 they became sweethearts, a union that would last the rest of her life. After college they moved up to Santa Rosa, where she worked as a masseuse and advocated for Native American rights. She was also a birthing doula in an Oakland hospital. Both her sons, Jasper and Marlon, were born at home.

Amy was a writer her whole life and was widely published in literary journals such as Poetry Salzburg, The Prague Review, Poetry Flash, The Comstock Review. She was a finalist for the William Faulkner Award and her books include: Meteorite Dealers, Ungulations, Physical Address, Poems in Ursa Minor, The Painted Tongue Flowers. She wrote in journals every day, sometimes creating pray pages or affirmations for any friend or family member that needed extra loving care.

Amy was a dedicated and loving mother, an avid dancer, music lover, reader, outdoors enthusiast, and involved in political and social affairs. She brought love and kindness every day of her life. Now we carry her heart in our hearts.     







Diane Lillian Savory 1942-2021


 Diane Lillian Savory passed on at home in love and peace early in the morning of December 21, 2020, just as fall turned to winter. She was born in Seattle, Washington January 13, 1942 and grew up in Seattle and Enumclaw, Washington. Her father, Ralph, was born in Santa Rosa to Lillian Phillips and Walter Savory; the Savory and Phillips families emigrated to Sonoma County in the 1800s and settled land in the Bennett Valley, Sonoma Mountain and Mount Taylor areas, so she spent time here while growing up visiting family. 

A long time Graphic Artist in Sonoma County, she studied at the junior college after graduating from San Jose State and attending the University of Washington. 

She met her husband of 27 years, Peter Stickney, when working with him on their spiritual center's newsletter in 1991. Her spiritual community was diverse and very important to her, including the Center for Spiritual Living, the annual Women's Herbal Symposium, a couple of Women's Groups organized around Earth based ritual that heal body, heart, mind and spirit naturally. She was a Reiki master and Wisdom Healing Qigong student, always focused on learning to heal herself and others. 

She loved gardening at her home of 45 years in Southwest Santa Rosa and enjoyed the family she married into with many children and grandchildren, not to leave out the siblings-in-law and their children — she loved being called "Auntie Diane." 

She is missed by all who knew her with friends all around this country and the world from her travels and many activities over the years. A rich and full life has passed into eternal life. She will always be remembered by all who she touched here on earth with her loving smile, sly humor and excellent art. 

Blessed be, Diane Lillian Savory 

Karl Kowalski


 "One with the world, Mother Earth’s

kin just as he has always been."






Karl was born June 21, 1954 and passed away at home on Feb 23rd 2021.

As many of you who have known Karl remember, he was a great steward of the land, an active conservationist and a master gardener and artist.

Any of you at the Center for Spiritual Living who came to be at Karl’s farm, know about the Sweat lodge ceremonies. Just about every month Karl and his wife Rebecca would host their house and land to anyone who needed to pray.  The sweat lodges were predominantly Lakota in tradition lead by Karl's friend Rick Tatum.  How beautiful to have people sitting in a circle to sweat their prayers, and sing!

If anyone needed an extra dose of love; Karl would pick a bunch of fresh chard and kale from his garden, for them to take home.

Karl's land that he took care of, has two creeks running through it-Grape Creek and Wine Creek.   He cooperated with the Sotoyome fish habitat restoration project in the year 2016. He received a certificate of recognition, for being the most enthusiastic farmer.

His spirit loved all living things.  He would say “I’ll see you from the Birdseye view.”  

He enjoyed being a cat dad most of all of his life. His favorite cat was Rascal Rue, a male Maine Coon.  Karl’s cat was so handsome he won the published front cover, “For the Love of Cats.” Proceeds from the fundraiser were given to the Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County.

Karl was an abstract artist who’s double exposure photographs were also exhibited and sold at the center for Spiritual Living Art shows.

For many years Karl and Rebecca served as volunteers on the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa Video team. Karl gave his time and energy, being at service for the Orinda center for four years and was a volunteer caregiver for the Sutter VNA Hospice.   

He always believed in altruism as a way to be in life and was very generous with all the people who were around him.  We all love Karl in our hearts as a humble and honorable soul.