Judy Timmerman

Judy Timmerman

Greetings Friends of Judy

Her sisters Bev and Phyllis were loudly and joyously singing to Judy when she passed around 10:30 pm on Monday December 7th. She had  a tear in her eye—how profound, how dear.

Judy’s vigil will be held Today, Tuesday, December 8th and Wednesday, December 9th from 12 - 6pm at her home.  

Per Judy’s request, she wanted everyone to wear bright colors!

Everyone is invited to bring some art supplies to decorate the coffin that her body will be cremated in.  If they desire, guests may bring food and or beverages to share with her family and friends.

We are planning to host her memorial celebration this Friday December 11th in the afternoon. I will send an email out tomorrow once we have finalized those plans.

Blessing to you all,

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