Sunbear Weinshank

Today I lost a mentor and friend, Reverend Sunbear Weinshank. I cared for him physically for the last 8 months. From day one of being in his presence my universe was altered.

We became friends over the last 8 months. He shared with me the soul source of divinity and it was love. I learned so much about myself, society and who I wanted to be. He led me to The Center for Spiritual Living. Provided me with a sanctuary of people with whom only love and joy is abundant.

So today I give thanks to have been able to be his caregiver. I give thanks to those who heal. I recognize the strength and fortitude of those who are able to provide compassion, love and support for those who are grieving.

Sunbear, you loved hopefully in some spiritual relm or way you get to read this message. I know that you are so much happier where ever you are. I hope spirit has restored use to your legs. You told me regularly that the only thing you wanted to do was dance again. I know that in your new found bliss you are dancing on a beautiful beach in Hawaii.

You gave me so many beautiful gifts; I can only hope that I had as profound of an impact on you as you did with my life. The biggest gift you gave me was a faith in divinity. So, I will lean into that, our center, community and trust that Reverend Edward will lead me down the right path.

We both had a great passion for music and both adored Madonna. Tonight I dedicate this song to you my friend. I vow today to live my life with love and understand that I am only human. Tonight I will dance on the beach listening to one of your favorite songs that you sang so beautifully off key. I still feel your presence, light and can see that big goofy smile.

I trust that spirit has you now, so I can let go.

With Love and Respect.
Your faithful caregiver,

James M Calicura


  1. Bless his heart, Rev. Sumbear gave us all many lessons. He handled his challenge with the sweetness that was his to give. May we all learn from his example.

  2. Bless you Sunbear, on this new journey beyond the bounds of human life. You modeled so well how persistence in the face of challenge brings out the best in us. Never giving up, you were always finding positive aspects in each situation that challenged you and shared your discoveries with us all. Sunday, June 14 we talked and you were all about how great the retreat in October is going to be; you were very excited about the great benefit all the men will receive from attending. This will be a living legacy you leave for us to enjoy, even as we grieve your physical absence, knowing in our hearts that in truth you are there with us, even as you are now, in spirit. Blessed Be

  3. Godspeed, dear man. Thank you for being LOVE personified, and modeling profound faith.

  4. Thank u for your love, dedication and inspiration. All those who knew you were touched by your love, strength and wisdom. May your soul be happy. My heartfelt condolences to Sun Bear's family and close friends.