Georgia Tripp

When death shall comeı And the spirit, freed, shall mount the air, And wander afar in that great no-where, It shall go as it came, Freed from sorrow, sin and shame; And naked and bare, through the upper airı Shall go alone to that great no-where. Hinder not its onward way,ı Grieve not o'er its form of clay, For the spirit, freed now from clod, Shall go alone to meet its God.
Ernest Holmes
Remembering Georgia Tripp, 
Practitioner, Staff (Director of Youth and Family Ministry), Member of our Community
Additional tribute and information to come.

Remembering Georgia:

In the mid and late 1990-‘s Georgia used to host Goddess Theater in a pink flannel poodle skirt, circa 1953. Taffeta blouse, chiffon scarf, sensible white flats and a bit of pomp and lots of hair spray in the doo rounded out the look.

I think the first time she dressed for her hostess act was the time she did a hilarious act; a spoof on a book (which she had as a prop) about general rules of etiquette for women, also circa 1950’s. The moment indelibly etched in my mind is from the book- that the height of curb appeal for one’s home is when the paint color on the car in the driveway and on the house are matching. Photo in the book is of a light turquoise Ford Fairlane in front of…, you guessed it, trimmed in white. Her dead pan yet over affected delivery of the import of this matching color scheme had us rolling in the aisles.

Georgia was a dear soul, bright, cheerful, compassionate, and very committed to kids, Youth and Family Ministry and to Science of Mind. Sweet blessings on her soul’s passing.

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  1. I was not aware that Georgia had passed. She was a beautiful and unique soul that will be missed. I recall her late husband as well.....and trust they are brilliantly reunited. Fly on sweet Georgia! Aloha Unhane.....Molly Lynch