Linda Webb-Khakaba - Jan. 7, 2009

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"Linda made her final transition at approximately 10:50 pm on January 7, 2009. .. She passed comfortably in her sleep at home and was surrounded by the ones she was closest to. .. As with everything else she did, it was beautiful, graceful, safe and full of love! .. She thanks everyone for the many years of love and support and sent her blessings before she passed. .. Please feel invited to leave messages of love, blessings, or prayers in the comment area below, or in the blog entitled, "Love to Linda". ..

“We will walk in darkness when we cannot see the sky. And we will stand up tall and look our demons in the eye. We will hear the Truth and accept that it is true and we will hear when our life on this earth is through, ‘My beloved child, job well done. My precious one, race well run, you gave the love you came to give, beloved life well lived! Job well done, children well raised, songs well sung! You gave the love you came to give, beloved, life well lived!’”..Thank you, Linda, for everything. You are forever in our hearts."

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