Pamela Joan DeBeni (Gibson)

DeBeni (Gibson), Pamela Joan passed away in Santa Rosa, CA on November 17, 2015 at age 67. She was a native of Arcata, CA.

Pam moved from Arcata in 1981 to Santa Rosa. She was the owner of Coastal Care Centers, Inc., and spent most of her adult life as domestic goddess, super mom, interior decorator and fashionista. She also owned Felecity clothing store in Montgomery Village, it was her dream to have her own boutique and attend the fashion marts.

She was a beautiful painter, chef, avid golfer, belonging to both Santa Rosa Golf and Country Club and Fountaingrove, but loved her Monday night women's league at Bennett Valley. She loved all kinds of music, especially Jazz, and loved going to concerts. She loved to travel, seeing most of the world and travelling in her RV throughout North America. She appreciated all genres of art. She was an avid collector of antiques and loved spending Sundays looking at open houses.

Her true calling came when she became a Nana. She loved her granddaughters more than life itself and they shared a bond that will never be lost. She spent every moment she could with them and taught them to be strong young ladies.

She was generous, loving, classy and kind.

Pam is survived by her daughter Christine Aceves and her loving partner, Michael Ludeman, her granddaughters, Isabella (12) and Sophia (9). Her sister Cheryl Hender and brother Bradley Gibson. Cousin Bonnie Hogue and nephew Brett Rash. Her step-children whom she loved, Larry DeBeni and his wife Lisa, Laurie Redner and her husband Michael and Leslie DeBeni and her partner Roger James, and numerous step-grandchildren. Lastly, her everyday companion, Dudley, her dog whom she loved and took everywhere she went.

She is preceded in death by the love of her life, Lawrence DeBeni, parents Henry and Jean Gibson, brother Scott Gibson, her aunts Eva and Midge and her beloved Huggy Bear.

At her request, no services will be held. A private celebration of her life will be shared by family at one of her favorite places, the Benbow Inn.

I leave you with one of her famous quotes we should all live by; "Have some class and act like a lady". 

In honor of Pam, any memorial contributions can be made to St. Jude's in honor of Kapri Geernaert, a true fighter, at\donate or PO Box 1893, Mephis, TN 38101.

Gerry Bresson

Rest in peace, Gerry, and thank you for the loving, kind service to your Center and for the way you loved your friends.  We hold you in our hearts and memories.

Michael Magill

Rest in peace, Michael Magill.

Sept 20, 1964 - Oct 24, 2015

You were loved and will be greatly missed.

Michael Magill

Memorial Service

Saturday, October 31, 3 pm
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
2075 Occidental Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95401


We love you.  We always have.



Alexander Lynch-Barriga

Some say there are no words. I would say that I have been searching to find just the right ones for 2 days, 13 hours and 37 minutes. Because at 9:15 am Friday morning we said 'goodbye for now' to the most beautiful and kindest soul I have had the pleasure of meeting in this life so far. This soul was, and still is my beloved nephew Alexander Lynch-Barriga.

a.k.a Alex Lynch

I will say that this last year having walked so closely with him, that it has also been the most profound year of my life. This young man, from the day he was born with that undeniable knock you down smile that could brighten anyone at any moment, brought pure light into this world. He was the one person from his birth day onward that I knew I would and continue to unconditionally love.
Not being a mother myself, I felt this was the closest feeling to what it must feel like to have a child. Alexander is and will always be the eternal child in my eyes. Alexander was authentically kind, thoughtful, deeply caring, wise beyond measure, brilliant of mind and heart, and astoundingly loving. He always returned me to that humility of what love really meant and was share, to receive, and to rejoice in. and at times to even bark and argue in with one another.

Over the last year and during his last days we spoke of this specifically. How nothing else was required of him but to receive this love that surrounded him in such a profound way. By his loving mother, his loving family, his good friends, as well as the nurses and doctors who cared for his body in the best of ways they were able.

And he did let himself receive that love. He exemplified the truest kind of courage and wisdom to me in that gesture, and to witness him just open and let it all in was so very beautiful. He was gracious and at times you could see how uncomfortable it made him, but he just went on in his humble way and said thank you. From the bottomless cup of Cherry Pepsi's, to the hundreds of exactly precise food choices he ordered, to the hundreds or more of hours of massage, to the warm hospital blankets, to the crunchy perfect ice cubes on the spoon, to the blue comforter he was wrapped in, to the exchanges of laughter and banter, to the deep and gorgeous conversations about life and death and everything in between, to the tens of thousands of kisses and hugs he received from all of us. To the billionth exchange of the words "I love you." Each moment and offering.....he just said "Sure". And when you parted a sweet "Love you too."

When everything quiets down to that moment I said my final goodbye to him, that was the clearest and most profound gift he gave me and I feel to all of us. To know he was truly truly loved and that he loved us, and that he is just fine. And now, he is returned to and continually eternally loved in the arms of the beloved.

I feel he would not want us to feel it was 'too soon' or he was 'too young' or 'he got a tough deal', as he gave what he came to give and received what he came to receive and I feel he was complete here. He was packed up with all that love to guide him on, and was truly ready to fly on. Every last breath used to the fullest.

And besides that, wherever he is, I am quite sure he has custom pizzas made for him at any moment he would like, along with the best ganja available to smoke, the best and most unusual array and shades of the color green every place he looks, with some good chill music flowing, and most definitely has Wayne's World or some other 20 something movie playing en loop in his personal movie theater! And I know without a doubt, that he is surrounded by his thousands upon thousands of soul friends, because once you met and knew him, you loved him instantly, and just wanted to hang out with him forever.

I love and miss him now in a way that I do not have words for. And now that is my gift back to him.....Every tear is for you nephew.

Alexander, you will always be my greatest guru, my shiniest of stars, and forever and always my beloved nephew. If you ever need your auntie, you know I am right here. YOU ARE LOVE.

Molly Shem Lynch

"My boy my love my heart Mahal Kita" ~ Love Mom.

Jahna Muncrief

"Early this morning (7.3.15) Jahna Muncrief passed away. About 18 months ago was diagnosed with ALS. She and John decided to keep the situation very private, which is why you have not seen very much of them lately.

As one of her friends who were part of the process with them, I can say they were amazing in how they stayed true to their inner work and values. I know she will be missed by many, many, people."

Roberta Ryan

Sunbear Weinshank

Today I lost a mentor and friend, Reverend Sunbear Weinshank. I cared for him physically for the last 8 months. From day one of being in his presence my universe was altered.

We became friends over the last 8 months. He shared with me the soul source of divinity and it was love. I learned so much about myself, society and who I wanted to be. He led me to The Center for Spiritual Living. Provided me with a sanctuary of people with whom only love and joy is abundant.

So today I give thanks to have been able to be his caregiver. I give thanks to those who heal. I recognize the strength and fortitude of those who are able to provide compassion, love and support for those who are grieving.

Sunbear, you loved hopefully in some spiritual relm or way you get to read this message. I know that you are so much happier where ever you are. I hope spirit has restored use to your legs. You told me regularly that the only thing you wanted to do was dance again. I know that in your new found bliss you are dancing on a beautiful beach in Hawaii.

You gave me so many beautiful gifts; I can only hope that I had as profound of an impact on you as you did with my life. The biggest gift you gave me was a faith in divinity. So, I will lean into that, our center, community and trust that Reverend Edward will lead me down the right path.

We both had a great passion for music and both adored Madonna. Tonight I dedicate this song to you my friend. I vow today to live my life with love and understand that I am only human. Tonight I will dance on the beach listening to one of your favorite songs that you sang so beautifully off key. I still feel your presence, light and can see that big goofy smile.

I trust that spirit has you now, so I can let go.

With Love and Respect.
Your faithful caregiver,

James M Calicura

Anne Reinke

Anne R. Reinke made her transition on August 17, 2014 in Santa Rosa at the age of 93. She loved life and brought a positive attitude to every phase of it. Anne was born in Seattle, WA, graduated from Snohomish High School and attended college at the University of Washington. She married Walter Henry Reinke on Sept. 13, 1943. While raising her family she taught elementary school for many years in Concord, CA.  When Walter’s career brought them to Antioch they quickly became active in the community.  Anne joined The Chamber of Commerce; The Woman’s Club of Antioch (President 1970s) and founded a Campfire Girls group (1964). Upon relocating to Spring Lake Village in Santa Rosa (1998) she served on the Food, Garden, Fun & Games committees and founded the Pinochle Club.

She loved to travel, seeing Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia, China, Thailand, Mexico, most of the USA and Hawaii. She expressed her creativity in many forms: quilting, beading, Santa dolls, and was always a great cook and wonderful hostess. A life-long metaphysician, Anne was an active in the Centers for Spiritual Living.

She was a loving mother and is survived by her children: Reynolds and Barbara Sue Reinke, Toni Lizotte, Louise and Roger Brandt; grandchildren: Jason Lizotte, Nathan Lizotte, Christopher and Christine Reinke; great-grandchildren: Wyatt, Gavin, and Luke Reinke.

Memorial Service will be held on Sat., Sept. 27 at 2 pm in the Chapel of the Resurrection at Spring Lake Village, 5555 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. Remembrances in Anne's honor may be directed to The Welfare League of Santa Rosa, 126 - 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.