Keith Kelsay

What a year! At least the weather is mild and the sunsets are gorgeous here.  I hope this finds you all basking in the aftermath of the Christmas flurry. 

I am sorry to tell you – especially at this holiday time-- that Keith passed away about
2 a.m. Sunday morning. Died peacefully in his recliner I am glad to say, and  probably quickly. There was no pained expression on his face when I padded into the living room to see what he was doing up. (Not unusual for him to wake up and read for a while at night.) He had a heart condition and I expect to hear that cause of death was that his heart just gave out. We were finishing last details of moving in and sorting records and he left everything in good-to-excellent order, it seems.

He was so happy to be up here; I’m sorry he didn’t enjoy it longer, but I know he Was frustrated that his body was giving out and he did not want to linger. Probably at this more spiritually oriented time of year he just rolled into Spirit’s arms.

I am sad to lose him; he spoiled me so; and my moments of grief are intense, but I am  not heartbroken in the usual sense of that word. I feel that he can realize his purpose better as pure Spirit. Managing thru Chuck’s death in 2003 and our studies at Ctr for Spiritual Living have given me a better perspective on the death of the body than I’ve had. I am stepping thru procedures: making a list and letting it be my daily guide.

Realizing how many friends we have as I send this email has strengthened my faith in connection and allayed much of the disorientation his loss has brought.

Valerie Kelsay

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