Brad Larsen, April 11, 2013

On Thursday at 4:00pm in Santa Rosa One of our own has passed after a valiant fight. Veteran members of our men's group will remember Brad Larsen as a deeply loving and kind soul who was very involved with Manspirit early on and attended several retreats. The Center will remember him for his boundless service in pioneering the video production of services long before the center owned any of its own gear or had a video production control loft. In service to the Center and his beloved community of musicians and ministers Brad would faithfully video tape every Sunday morning, edit in his home and make available the videos for administrative use.

Brad was a huge advocate of vegan diets and like many proponents was unabashed about sharing his ideas on the subject. Brad loved to cook and host friends in their home to eat his recipes of vegan and natural foods...and his dishes were so delicious that he converted many.  Brads wife Katherine is also one of the sweetest people you will ever know and together they were such a delight to be around. Brad's caring for people extended into his occupation as well in that he was a career nurse.

Brad was extremely intelligent and well read and loved to engage others in challenging intellectual discourse. On more then one occasion a person could find themselves with Brad watching a sunrise rise while still in discourse on a philosophical consideration that began the previous evening. 

If you were fortunate enough to know Brad Larsen then you know you were blessed by relationship with a true light worker. 

I have clipped and pasted info from the notice that came out from his family.

Brad also asked that, if you would prefer to make a donation in his name, you honor his deep commitment to animal rights by giving to Compassionate Living Outreach. Scroll down this page for details:

Written by Steve Esterling

Please hold our family in your hearts. And remember the best of Brad: his passion, his intelligence, his inspirational leadership, his life-long ability to "follow his bliss,"  and, most of all, his love for everyone he treasured as a friend. 

Katherine Larsen

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